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Old Soul (2021)

Lindsey Goodman, alto flute

BABEL (2019)

Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz, music
Daniel Neer,  lyrics and vocals
With the Camarata Trio:

Ariane Sletner, violin
Luis Biava, cello
Suzanne Newcomb, piano

At the Detention Center for Immigrant Children (2019)

Poetry and reading: Louise Robertson
Performed by the Columbus Ohio Discovery Ensemble
Michael Rene Torres, conductor
Erin Helgeson Torres, flute
Justin Johnston, clarinet
Alicia Hui, violin
Pei-An Chao, cello
Maria Staeblein, piano
Joseph Krygier, percussion

Ellis Island (2017)

Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz, music
Daniel Neer, lyrics and vocals
Hild Peersen, clarinet
Jill W. Crist, cello
Timothy Huffman, piano

Melody in Four Parts: Just Traveling (2010)

Choreography: Diego Salterini
Poetry: Janée J. Baugher
Music: Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz
Costume Design: Candice Huges
Performed by Dance NOW! Miami:
Benicka Grant, Jenny Hegarty Freeman, Matthew Huefner, Bruno Jacques-Louis, Renee Roberts, Anthony Velazquez

Phyllotaxis (2009)

Kimberlee Goodman, flute

The Cardiac Dance | The Spirals of Life (2007)

Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz, music
Shellie Cash, choreography
Richard Cawood and Tom Huston, video
Jakyung Seo, lighting design
Jacqueline Burris, set design
Sean Savoie, production manager

Let Evening Come (2002)

Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz, music
Jane Kenyon, poetry
Jennifer Hambrick, soprano
Scott Ewing, piano
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